As a Perth-based business coach, entrepreneur, strategy expert, and mum of two, Lanna Hill shares inspirational stories from the corporate and small business arenas. 

Lanna describes herself as an all-or-nothing type. “As an example, 8 years ago I was living in Sydney, and loving life – a little too much! Without realising it, I had managed to put on 12 kilograms in as many months. I knew I had to take action.” So despite not having run for more than ten years, Lanna invested in a good pair of running shoes and registered for a half marathon six months away. She wound up fit, confident and with a newly discovered love of running – albeit with a few blisters.

Today she bring the same mentality to business: if you want to achieve success, set a plan and then hit the ground running. She firmly believes that anyone can achieve their goals with a little inspiration and the right tools. “So as a speaker, business coach and media commentator, that’s what I aim to do – inform and empower others so that they can take the critical steps themselves,” she says.  

But Lanna also walks the walk. All the advice she shares has been gleaned over a long, diverse career.

Lanna was 19 when she started out in corporate sales. Ten years and many awards later, she was handling the accounts of multinational brands such as McDonalds and Accor Hotels, and had branched into marketing, branding and strategic planning. But it was time for new challenge.


“Lanna's passion was infectious and her laidback, approachable style ensured she was a massive hit with our guests. Her vast knowledge enabled her to handle the varying skill-sets and questions from our guests”

Anika Meza, New Beginnings Fair


So she took a left turn and followed a long-held passion to become a personal trainer, learning about all things health and wellbeing along the way. Never one to shy away from challenge, she launched a business specialising in pre- and post-natal training within just a few days of her daughter's birth. “It was an exhausting but exciting time, and it taught me so many lessons about the challenges facing small business owners.”

Her career has shown her the specific challenges facing women juggling careers with young families: “With two young kids of my own, Addison 3, and Spencer, 1, I sometimes feel that I have two people living inside me – I’m 50% ambitious entrepreneur and 50% devoted mama!”

In 2015 Lanna decided to combine her corporate knowledge and passion for helping other people realise their career goals by launching One Small Step Business Coaching. And she hasn’t looked back. “I believe that with a little preparation, self-confidence and a strong set of values, anyone can enjoy success. And it’s my great love in life to help others discover that.”

Applying this philosophy to her own career has also led to some wonderful milestones. As a business coach she’s personally impacted more than 500 businesses in just two years and been nominated for several awards, including the 40 Under 40 and the Telstra Business Awards. You can read more about Lanna’s awards and achievements here.  

She also appears regularly on Channel 9 News Perth and radio shows including 6iX, 6PR and ABC radio, plus at speaking engagements nationally and overseas.   

Despite being an ambitious and driven person when it comes to work, in her downtime Lanna likes to take it easy. “I enjoy spending time with my kids, burying my head in an autobiography, or dreaming of Italy – the one country I can revisit over and over again,” she says. “Perhaps that’s because the Italians share my outlook – life is to be grabbed with two hands and enjoyed. I do believe that when people apply that same approach to business, magic happens.”


“An ability to provide clarity and guidance while enabling her clients with a sense of self belief and trust is what sets Lanna apart. She’s real, honest, kind and funny.”

Isabella Mitchell, TMC Collective